Benefits of Using Hempy


Ideal for anyone who struggles with overwatering in soil, 100% Perlite Hempy's are impossible to overwater.


Pests generally can't breed in 100% Perlite Hempy's. One less attack surface to worry about.


Perlite provides excellent aeration and very little resistance. This allows for rapid root penetration and growth.


Germinating Seeds

Germinating your seed(s) is the first step to your grow adventure. This is the name of the process by which you'll sprout your seeds.

Grow Supplies

Ready to give your first Hempy a try? I’ll outline the basic necessities needed to get started, as well as some additional items that you may find useful as you advance. Minimum Supplies Seed or Read more…

What’s a Hempy?

What’s a Hempy? The word Hempy refers to a run to waste passive hydroponic method of growing Cannabis. In it’s most basic form, a Hempy is a bucket (or Cup) with a hole in one Read more…