What’s a Hempy?

The word Hempy refers to a run to waste passive hydroponic method of growing Cannabis. In it’s most basic form, a Hempy is a bucket (or Cup) with a hole in one side, that is filled with Perlite.

Hole Placement

  • Red Cup: 1″ up from the bottom of the cup.
  • 3 gallon Bucket: 2″ from the bottom of the container.
  • Larger: Estimate roughly 20% of the container height for hole placement.

Why put a hole in the side?

By placing a hole in the side of the bucket instead of the bottom, we’re creating a reservoir for our nutrient solution. When adding new solution, the reservoir will fill and push any residual solution out the drain hole. This makes flushing incredibly simple in the event you run into problems, also.

Why Perlite?

Because perlite is a highly porous media, it makes it very absorbent. That’s important for this application, as it allows the perlite to wick the nutrient solution from the bottom of the bucket and up to the roots by capillary action.


Over the years, there have been many variations that growers have discovered worked for them. You’re more than welcome to experiment, although I highly suggest trying the method outlined here first. For example, environmental factors, such as high temperatures, can make additional amendments like vermiculite beneficial.

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